Android as a tv remote

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1/1/2016 · Hi, I was not able to use the Google Android TV Remote Control with Beta 9. It always just says No device found. I have installed this app from Play

If youve got an Android app or game, Android TV can bring it to your users in their living room. Android TV apps use the same architecture as those for phones and tablets.

4/26/2016 · The Android TV app is now available in the App Store. Use your iPhone as a remote for your Android TV. The d-pad mode and touchpad modes let you easily navigate to your favorite content.

This could be a boon for multiplayer gaming on Android TV, as everyone will only need a smartphone to get in on the action.

AC, TV, Set-top box, smart tv and even my camera, have an IR remote that I use on a daily basis. Now that I have recently acquired a phone with an IR blaster, I was looking out for apps in the Google Play Store using which I could use my Android phone as a universal remote.

Looking for the best IR Blaster apps to control a TV or other appliance from Android phone? Here are top 5 TV remote apps for Android (free and paid).

Use your Android phone or tablet as a remote for your Android TV. Easily switch between d-pad and touchpad modes to navigate content and play games on …

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